Cheap Photo Canvas Prices

12x16 canvas print

16″x12″ Canvas (40.5cm x 30.5cm) $39.95

20x16 canvas print

20″x16″ Canvas (50cm x 40.5cm) $49.95


20x20 canvas print

20″x20″ Canvas (50cm x 50cm) $49.95

30x20 canvas print

30″x20″ Canvas (75cm x 50cm) $69.95


60x20 canvas print

60″x20″ (150cm x 50cm) Canvas – $99.95


Postage, Handling and Packing

Postage, Handling and Packing is a flat $20.00 per order.

Some delivery areas are classed as remote and your delivery will need to be quoted.

Your order will be placed on hold, then we will contact you with a quote.

You can email au with your enquiry if you are not sure.



In-Store Prices

The pricing below applies for canvas prints purchased in-store with personalised service from our friendly staff.

16″x12″  Canvas (40.5cm x 30.5cm ) $75

20″x 16″ Canvas (50cm x 40.5cm) $100

20″x20″ Canvas (50cm x50cm) $125

30″x 20″ Canvas (75cmx 50cm) $150

60″x 20″Canvas (150cm x 50cm) $250